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Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The Rain Drop Foundation has been thriving through its educational, charitable, social, and cultural programs and activities for almost the last two decades. The Rain Drop Foundation has been developing its communities and resources throughout the southwest region namely in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. In 2017, the Higher Education Fund was updated and expanded because of the Foundation’s commitment to supporting individuals financially who have the desire and willingness to pursue higher education.

The Raindrop Foundation recognizes the economic burden that pursuing higher education can place on college students. The primary goal of the Raindrop Foundation in creating this fund is to contribute to the education of students of Turkic descent and help them become well-informed members of society. By creating this fund, Raindrop also aims to contribute to the educational and economic endeavors of its civic leaders.

The Raindrop Foundation Higher Education Fund (HEF) was created to support Turkic students who have demonstrated consistent academic merit. The Raindrop Foundation cares deeply about supporting Turkic students who are motivated to excel in their education goals. The Raindrop Foundation HEF is a scholarship and endowment program geared toward high-achieving college students of Turkic descent. In addition, part of the criteria is for these students to be actively involved in the communities where The Raindrop Foundation operates. The scholarship is open to any Turkic students in any major or program.

HEF recipients strive to become tomorrow's leaders while being socially responsible and engaged citizens. The expectation is they will be sensitive to various issues and problems and will work to find viable solutions. The program offers a variety of opportunities in which recipients meet and share their discoveries and challenges and learn from one another’s experiences. Furthermore, they will support one another on their paths to academic excellence.

The Raindrop Foundation is committed to providing as much funding to qualified students as possible. Within the limits of the available funds and based on the needs of applicants, the selection committee will define the number of awardees and the amount of scholarships each year.

Please fill the Google Form and Please submit the required application documents to

Google Form:

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