Educational Websites for Kids During COVID-19 Break

Parents who are going to deal with having kids at home for an extended period of time and are worried about their education:  First, they'll be okay.  Everything is learning, whether it's playing a board game or baking cookies or contributing to the greater good of a family through chores.  Secondly, here are a few good websites, all of which offer either a free trial and or a very low monthly rate which you can cancel at any time:  Math for ages 2-16. We use this program with our 14, 10, and 8 year olds and it is excellent.  Reading program for ages 2-13, with an optional math portion as well.  This program has helped three of my kids learn to read. Overall learning for ages 8-13.  Fun games that teach without the student even realizing they are "doing school." Pre-K through grade 3 overall learning program. - The most school like of the list, with many options for core and elective courses for K-12, all for one low monthly price.  We use this with our two oldest (16 and 14) and it is truly a lifesaver. - Online learning for all ages in all subjects.  We like to use this as an additional booster if something needs a little more explanation. - Excellent interactive, high quality science lessons for the elementary school crowd. From: Angela Ayaz

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